Rwanda Buliza

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We love coffee's from Rwanda. Not only is Coffee an essential component to the country's healing process and economic sustainability, it's delicious with lovely fruit notes. This coffee was produced with 363 small holders from the communities of Taba, Burega Sector, Cooperative Abukamu, Mafene, Gahabwa Cell, Tumba, and Cooperative Kotwiduga. The farmers were paid a living wage. In 2013, the farmers began planting coffee seedlings. Five years later their farms are viable. They have a cash crop that will help them rise out of poverty. Additionally, 10% of the profits from this coffee go to a charity in Musenyi that helps to improve the lives of the villagers and the most vulnerable orphans and widows. This coffee is a great addition to our Conscientious Coffee line, bettering the lives and environments of the farmers/producers of coffee.

Light Roast, Medium Body, Bright Acidity.

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Green tea, Melon, Tamarind