Echo 084

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New York City's Macula Dog is a duo known for their singular style of clattering electronic synth music that takes influences like Devo and The Residents to their (un)natural conclusion. Macula Dog return with the Breezy EP containing four new cuts to tease the rhythmically inclined. Breezy is Macula Dog's second release on Wharf Cat Records, following 2016's Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? LP. Breezy was tracked completely live with the help of analog wizard, Paul D Millar (Ariel Pink's Band) at his Bug Sound East studio, and marks the first Macula Dog release recorded with an outside engineer. With Millar they achieve new levels of fidelity including a slapping low-end, perfectly suited to the 12" 45PRPM format and sure to knock over fans who have been waiting for these new songs, a few of which that have entered their recent live sets. Breezy tunes for Breezy times. With tales of industry, aging, apocalypse and insanity, we see the band's first attempts at pop songs and "conventional" song structures only hinted at on past gemstones like "Lawnmower" and "Purchase Power Station." Just when the racketing barrage of echoes cannonading from across the canyon's walls have begun to die down, we hear the sound of an engine reving